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how do we work?

You'll select from Standard Day or Full Day Coverage which always includes the two of us. For even more coverage from even more angles, including drone shots, add on Greg! He's an extremely talented videographer who doubles as our drone guy! No matter what, we make sure to "mic-up" both of you for the whole ceremony and even tap into the DJ's sound system for bonus sound coverage. When all is said and done, the experience continues with your very own One-of-a-Kind Movie Night Box. Inside you'll find your very own customized Moving Picture Album, Engraved Walnut Flashdrive, and a lil' gift from us to you. Select from video previews, highlight films, full length ceremony videos, and more! Learn more by watching the videos below or book a call with us and we'll go super in depth to make sure your day is simply perfect!

Standard / Full Day

Smile all day, party all night. We'll be there to capture it all!


Capture Every Moment

Take to the skies and add a new perspective to your wedding day!

from every angle


Dress up, dress down. Candles all around. Pour some pop, pop some corn. Relax and relive your special day!

Movie night box

One-of-a-Kind Movie Night Box

The main event! The big kahuna! The box to end all boxes! In all seriousness, it's better explained in the video. Take a look!


You could read an F.A.Q. page... or you can watch our F.A.Q., live and in color!