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Our "Why"

Wedding films are a passion of ours. Getting to be a part of your special day and to be able to create a work of art that can live on with you and your family for a life-time means the world to us. We thought long and hard about how to create unique and exceptional wedding packages at affordable rates. Take a look at our unique features and let us know how we can help make your wedding day that much better. We look forward to spending your day with you!

-Becca & Rob from Creative Wedding Cinema

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We Don’t Just Deliver a Wedding Film

We Deliver an Experience

Our primary goal is to not only provide you with a long-lasting memorable experience, but to also ensure your happiness every step of the way. Our secondary goal is we strive to be different. Everybody knows 'normal' is outdated, which is why we take steps to strive for uniqueness every day.

Watch to learn all about our One-of-a-Kind Movie Night Box!

Capturing Memories Together

since 2015

We’re Rob and Becca. Two creative types with keen eyes for art and keen ears for storytelling......

The Whole Story

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